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Kejadian 4

Ada : a woman; one of Lamech's wives, before the flood,daughter of Elon the Hittite; Esau's second wife

Adam : the father of Cain, Abel, Seth and all mankind,the original man created by God,a town on the Jordan at the mouth of the Jabbok (OS)
(32° 5´, 35° 33´); (31° 7´, 35° 24´)

Eden : a place near where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet (NIVsn),son of Joah (Gershon Levi) in King Hezekiah's time,a district along the Euphrates River south of Haran (NIVsn)
(33° 31´, 36° 18´); (31° 51´, 35° 31´); (32° 35´, 35° 10´); (32° 12´, 35° 16´); (40° 3´, 45° 2´); (32° 42´, 35° 18´); (31° 51´, 35° 31´); (32° 1´, 35° 13´); (31° 46´, 35° 14´)

Enos : son of Seth son of Adam and Eve

Habel : the second son of Adam and Eve; the brother of Cain,an English name representing two different Hebrew names,as representing the Hebrew name 'Hebel' or 'Habel',the second son of Adam,as representing the Hebrew name 'Abel',a town in northern Israel near Dan (OS)
(32° 1´, 35° 49´); (33° 16´, 35° 34´)

Hawa : the first woman created by God; wife of Adam,wife of Adam; mother of all the people of the earth

Henokh : son of Midian son of Abraham and Keturah,son of Reuben son of Israel

Irad : son of Enoch; father of Mehujael

Kain : a town in the hill country of Judah
(31° 30´, 35° 10´)

Lamekh : a son of Methuselah; the father of Noah; an ancestor of Jesus.,son of Methushael, a descendant of Cain,son of Methuselah

Mehuyael : son of Irad son of Enoch son of Cain son of Adam

Metusael : son of Mehujael (Irad Enoch Cain Adam); father of Lamech

Naama : daughter of Lamech; sister of Tubal-Cain,the Ammonitess wife of Solomon; mother of Rehoboam,a town in the western foothills of Judah
(31° 52´, 34° 52´)

Set : ancestor of a people mentioned by Balaam (IBD)

tanah Nod : a land east of Eden not possible to identify

Tubal-Kain : son of Lamech & wife Zillah; perfected bronze and iron forging

Yabal : son of Lamech and Adah; a pre-flood cattleman

Yubal : son of Lamech and Adah; a master musician who lived before the flood

Zila : wife of Lamech, the descendant of Cain

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