Sinonim untuk: World, Age.

Lihat Definisi untuk aiwn 165
Lihat Definisi untuk kosmov 2889

It is only in a part of their meanings that these two words are in any
real sense synonymous, and it is that part which is here considered.
Both A.V. and R.V. often translate aiwn by world, thus
obscuring the distinction between it and kosmov. aiwn is
usually better expressed by age, it is the world at a given time, a
particular period in the world's history.

kosmov has very frequently an unfavorable meaning, denoting the
inhabitants of the world, mankind in general, as opposed to God. A
similar meaning is often attached to aiwn, it means the spirit of
the age, often in an unfavorable sense. See Eph 2:2, where both
words occur together. An exceptional meaning for the plural of aiwn
is found in Heb 1:2 11:3, where it denotes the worlds, apparently
in reference to space rather than time.

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