apecho <568>

apecw apecho

Asal Mula:from 575 and 2192
Referensi:TDNT - 2:828,286
Jenis Kata:v (verb)
Dalam Yunani:apecei 2, apecete 1, apechv 1, apecontov 2, apecousan 1, apecousin 3, apecw 1, apeicen 1
Dalam TB:jauh 3, mereka sudah mendapat 3, diombang-ambingkan 1, aku telah menerima 1, engkau dapat menerimanya 1, jauhnya 1, lagi 1, kamu telah memperoleh 1
Dalam AV:be 5, have 4, receive 2
Definisi : menerima sepenuhnya, cukup; menjauhi, berpantang (middle)
1) have
1a) to hold back, keep off, prevent
1b) to have wholly or in full, to have received
1c) it is enough, sufficient
2) to be away, absent, distant
3) to hold one's self off, abstain
"have" in Mt 6:2 is modified with a prefix which changes its
meaning to "have in full" and was commonly used on business receipts
to mean "paid in full". No payment or service was expected to follow
the close of the transaction.

from 575 and 2192; (actively) to have out, i.e. receive in full; (intransitively) to keep (oneself) away, i.e. be distant (literally or figuratively): KJV -- be, have, receive.
see GREEK for 575
see GREEK for 2192
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