cheirographon <5498>

ceirografon cheirographon

Asal Mula:from a compound of 5495 and 1125
Referensi:TDNT - 9:435,1309
Jenis Kata:n n (noun neuter)
Dalam Yunani:ceirografon 1
Dalam TB:surat hutang 1
Dalam AV:handwriting 1
Definisi : ou [neuter] daftar hutang (tertulis dengan tangan)
1) a handwriting, what one has written by his own hand
2) a note of hand or writing in which one acknowledges that money
has either been deposited with him or lent to him by another,
to be returned at the appointed time

neuter of a compound of 5495 and 1125; something hand-written ("chirograph"), i.e. a manuscript (specially, a legal document or bond (figuratively)): KJV -- handwriting.
see GREEK for 5495
see GREEK for 1125
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