phroureo <5432>

frourew phroureo

Asal Mula:from a compound of 4253 and 3708
Jenis Kata:v (verb)
Dalam Yunani:efrourei 1, efrouroumeya 1, frourhsei 1, frouroumenouv 1
Dalam TB:akan memelihara 1, menyuruh mengawal 1, pengawalan 1, yang dipelihara 1
Dalam AV:keep 3, keep with a garrison 1
Definisi : menjaga; memelihara, melindungi; menahan (orang tahanan)
1) to guard, protect by a military guard, either to prevent hostile
invasion, or to keep the inhabitants of a besieged city from flight
2) metaph.
2a) under the control of the Mosaic law, that he might
not escape from its power
2b) to protect by guarding, to keep
2c) by watching and guarding to preserve one for the attainment of

from a compound of 4253 and 3708; to be a watcher in advance, i.e. to mount guard as a sentinel (post spies at gates); figuratively, to hem in, protect: KJV -- keep (with a garrison). Compare 5083.
see GREEK for 4253
see GREEK for 3708
see GREEK for 5083
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