antanapleroo <466>

antanaplhrow antanapleroo

Asal Mula:from 473 and 378
Referensi:TDNT - 6:307,867
Jenis Kata:v (verb)
Dalam Yunani:antanaplhrw 1
Dalam TB:menggenapkan 1
Dalam AV:fill up 1
Definisi : menggenapkan, menyelesaikan
1) to fill up in turn
1a) in Col 1:24, the meaning is, 'what is wanting in the
afflictions of Christ to be borne by me, that I supply in
order to repay the benefits which Christ conferred on me by
filling up the measure of the afflictions laid upon me'.

from 473 and 378; to supplement: KJV -- fill up.
see GREEK for 473
see GREEK for 378
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