polis <4172>

poliv polis

Asal Mula:probably from the same as 4171, or perhaps from 4183
Referensi:TDNT - 6:516,906
Jenis Kata:n f (noun feminime)
Dalam Yunani:polei 21, poleiv 12, polesin 2, polewn 6, polewv 36, polin 64, poliv 22
Dalam TB:kota 122, sebuah kota 11, kota-kota 9, kota ke kota 4, suatu kota 3, Kota 3, dari kota 1, Neapolis 1, di kota-kota 1, dari kota-kota 1, kota-Nya 1, penduduk kota 1, negeri 1, kotanya 1, kotamu 1
Dalam AV:city 164
Definisi : ewv [feminin] kota (kata p. dari kota ke kota); para penduduk (kota)
kota, penduduk kota
1) a city
1a) one's native city, the city in which one lives
1b) the heavenly Jerusalem
1b1) the abode of the blessed in heaven
1b2) of the visible capital in the heavenly kingdom, to come
down to earth after the renovation of the world by fire
1c) the inhabitants of a city

probably from the same as 4171, or perhaps from 4183; a town (properly, with walls, of greater or less size): KJV -- city.
see GREEK for 4183
see GREEK for 4171
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