'ephowd <0646>

dwpa 'ephowd rarely dpa 'ephod

Pelafalan:ay-fode' ay-fode'
Asal Mula:probably of foreign derivation
Referensi:TWOT - 142.1a
Jenis Kata:n m (noun masculine)
Dalam Ibrani:dpah 22, dwpah 10, dwpa 10, dwpal 3, dpa 2, dpal 1, dwpaw 1
Dalam TB:baju efod 35, efod 13, Baju efod 1
Dalam AV:ephod 49
Definisi : 1) ephod 1a) priestly garment, shoulder-cape or mantle, outer garment 1a1) worn by an ordinary priest and made of white stuff 1a2) worn by the high priest - more costly, woven of gold, blue, purple, scarlet, and linen threads provided with shoulder-pieces and a breast piece of like material, ornamented with gems and gold
rarely oephod {ay-fode'}; probably of foreign derivation ; a girdle; specifically the ephod or high-priest's shoulder- piece; also generally, an image: KJV -- ephod.
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