G@dalyah <01436>

hyldg G@dalyah or (prolonged) whyldg G@dalyahuw

Pelafalan:ghed-al-yaw' ghed-al-yaw'-hoo
Asal Mula:from 01431 and 03050
Jenis Kata:n pr m (noun proper masculine)
Dalam Ibrani:whyldg 25, hyldg 5, hyldgw 1, whyldgw 1
Dalam TB:Gedalya 31
Dalam AV:Gedaliah 32
Definisi : Gedaliah = "Jehovah is great" 1) a son of Jeduthun in the time of David 2) son of Ahikam, the governor of Judea appointed by Nebuchadnezzar 3) son of Pashur, one of the chiefs of Jerusalem in the time of Jeremiah 4) son of Amariah and grandson of Hezekiah 5) a priest of the sons of Jeshua in the time of Ezra
or (prolonged) Gdalyahuw {ghed-al-yaw'- hoo}; from 1431 and 3050; Jah has become great; Gedaljah, the name of five Israelites: KJV -- Gedaliah.
see HEBREW for 01431
see HEBREW for 03050
Yunani Terkait:-
dlm Alkitab
:Gedalya (TB, BIS, TL, FAYH)

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