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Matius 27:2

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membelenggu(TB)/diikatnya(TL) <1210> [bound.]

menyerahkan-Nya(TB)/diserahkannya(TL) <3860> [delivered.]

Pilatus Pilatus(TB)/Pilatus(TL) <4091 4194> [Pontius Pilate.]

Pontius Pilate governed Judea ten years under the emperor Tiberius, from his 13th to his 23rd year A.D. 26 to 36; but, having exercised great cruelties against the Samaritans, they complained to Vitellius, governor of Syria, who sent Marcellus, one of his friends, to superintend Judea, and ordered Pilate to Rome, to give an account of his conduct to Tiberius. The emperor was dead before he arrived; but it is an ancient tradition, that he was banished to Vienne in Dauphiny, where he was reduced to such extremity that he killed himself with his own sword two years after.


dan menyerahkan-Nya

Mat 20:19

wali negeri

Mr 15:1; Luk 13:1; Kis 3:13; 1Tim 6:13 [Semua]


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