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Matius 14:1

TSK Full Life Study Bible


kepada Herodes(TB)/Herodes(TL) <2264> [Herod.]

This was Herod Antipas, the son of Herod the Great, by Malthace, and tetrarch of Galilee and Per‘a, which produced a revenue of 200 talents a year. He married the daughter of Aretas, king of Arabia, whom he divorced in order to marry Herodias, the wife of his brother Philip, who was still living. Aretas, to revenge the affront which Herod had offered his daughter, declared war against him, and vanquished him after an obstinate engagement. This defeat, Josephus assures us, the Jews considered as a punishment for the death of John the Baptist. Having gone to Rome to solicit the title of king, he was accused by Agrippa of carrying on a correspondence with Artabanus king of Parthia, against the Romans, and was banished by the emperor Caius to Lyons, and thence to Spain, where he and Herodias died in exile.

raja wilayah(TB)/seperempat(TL) <5076> [Tetrarch.]


Judul : Yohanes Pembaptis dibunuh

Perikop : Mat 14:1-12


Mr 6:14-29; Luk 9:7-9 dengan Mat 14:1-12

tentang Yesus

Luk 9:7-9 [Semua]

kepada Herodes,

Mr 8:15; Luk 3:1,19; 13:31; 23:7,8; Kis 4:27; 12:1 [Semua]

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