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Kejadian 34:12

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bebankan ... beberapa jujuran(TB)/Pintalah(TL) <07235 03966> [Ask me.]

On the practice of purchasing wives, De La Roque says, "Properly speaking, a young man who would marry must purchase his wife; and fathers among the Arabs are never so happy as when they have many daughters. They form part of the riches of the house. Accordingly, when a young man would treat with a person whose daughter he is inclined to marry, he says to him, 'Will you give me your daughter for fifty sheep, for six camels, or for a dozen cows?' according to the rank of her family, and the circumstances of him who desires to marry her."

mahar(TB)/isi kawin(TL) <04119> [dowry.]


uang jujuran

Kel 22:16; Ul 22:29; 1Sam 18:25 [Semua]

TIP #23: Gunakan Studi Kamus dengan menggunakan indeks kata atau kotak pencarian. [SEMUA]
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