TB NETBible YUN-IBR Ref. Silang Nama Gambar Himne

Ibrani 12:14-29

Esau : a son of Isaac and Rebekah,son of Isaac & Rebekah; Jacob's elder twin brother,a people (and nation) descended from Esau, Jacob's brother
(30° 44´, 35° 36´)

Habel : the second son of Adam and Eve; the brother of Cain,an English name representing two different Hebrew names,as representing the Hebrew name 'Hebel' or 'Habel',the second son of Adam,as representing the Hebrew name 'Abel',a town in northern Israel near Dan (OS)
(32° 1´, 35° 49´); (33° 16´, 35° 34´)

Musa : a son of Amram; the Levite who led Israel out of Egypt and gave them The Law of Moses,a Levite who led Israel out of Egypt and gave them the law

Sion : one of the hills on which Jerusalem was built; the temple area; the city of Jerusalem; God's people,a town and citidel; an ancient part of Jerusalem
(32° 43´, 35° 20´)

Yerusalem : the capital city of Israel,a town; the capital of Israel near the southern border of Benjamin
(31° 50´, 34° 59´); (31° 46´, 35° 14´)

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