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Hakim-hakim 9:26

TSK Full Life Study Bible


saudara-saudaranya(TB)/saudaranya(TL) <0251> [brethren.]


bin Ebed

Hak 9:28,31,41 [Semua]

Hakim-hakim 9:28

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Abimelekh(TB/TL) <040> [Who is Abimelech.]

Hemor(TB/TL) <02544> [Hamor.]


bin Ebed:

Hak 9:26; [Lihat FULL. Hak 9:26]


1Sam 25:10

orang-orang Hemor,

Kej 33:19; [Lihat FULL. Kej 33:19]

Hakim-hakim 9:30-31

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bangkitlah(TB)/berbangkitlah(TL) <02734> [kindled. or, hot.]


Aruma(TB)/diam-diam(TL) <08649> [privily. Heb. craftily, or, to Tormah. they fortify.]

Under pretence of repairing the walls and towers, they were actually putting the place in a state of defence, intending to seize on the government as soon as they found Abimelech coming against them.

Hakim-hakim 9:35

TSK Full Life Study Bible


Gaal(TB/TL) <01603> [Gaal.]

Of this person we know no more than is here recorded. He was probably one of the descendants of the Canaanites, who hoped, from the state of the public mind and their disaffection to Abimelech, to cause a revolution, and thus to restore the ancient government as it was under Hamor, the father of Shechem. Josephus says he was a man of authority, who sojourned with them, with his armed men and kinsmen; and that the Shechemites desired that he would allow them a guard during the vintage.

rakyat(TB/TL) <05971> [the people.]


pintu gerbang

Yos 2:5; [Lihat FULL. Yos 2:5]

tempat penghadangannya

Mazm 32:7; Yes 28:15,17; Yer 49:10 [Semua]

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