TETAP SEPERTI [Sebagai Frasa]

Jumlah dalam TB : 2 dalam 2 ayat
(dalam OT: 1 dalam 1 ayat)
(dalam NT: 1 dalam 1 ayat)
Keluarga Kata untuk frasa "tetap seperti" dalam TB (4/6) : tetap seperti (1x/1x); Tetapi seperti (3x/0x); tetapi seperti (0x/5x);
Hebrew : <02063> 1x;
Greek : <3779 1265> 1x;
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IBRANI [Sebagai Frasa]

Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<02063> 1 (dari 604)
taz zo'th
Definisi : --demons pron f / adv (demonstrative pronoun feminim / adverb)-- 1) this, this one, here, which, this...that, the one...the other, such 1a) (alone) 1a1) this one 1a2) this...that, the one...the other, another 1b) (appos to subst) 1b1) this 1c) (as predicate) 1c1) this, such 1d) (enclitically) 1d1) then 1d2) who, whom 1d3) how now, what now 1d4) what now 1d5) wherefore now 1d6) behold here 1d7) just now 1d8) now, now already 1e) (poetry) 1e1) wherein, which, those who 1f) (with prefixes) 1f1) in this (place) here, then 1f2) on these conditions, herewith, thus provided, by, through this, for this cause, in this matter 1f3) thus and thus 1f4) as follows, things such as these, accordingly, to that effect, in like manner, thus and thus 1f5) from here, hence, on one side...on the other side 1f6) on this account 1f7) in spite of this, which, whence, how
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YUNANI [Sebagai Frasa]

Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<3779> 1 (dari 207)
outw houto or (before a vowel) outwv houtos
Definisi : --adv (adverb)-- 1) in this manner, thus, so
<1265> 1 (dari 5)
diamenw diameno
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to stay permanently, remain permanently, continue

Konkordansi PL [Sebagai Frasa]

taz <02063> Yeh 21:26 ... mahkotamu! Tiada yang tetap seperti keadaannya sekarang. Yang ...

Konkordansi PB [Sebagai Frasa]

outwv diamenei <3779 1265> 2Ptr 3:4 ... meninggal, segala sesuatu tetap seperti semula, pada waktu dunia ...

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