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GREEK: 1116 gomorra Gomorrha
HEBREW: 6017 hrme `Amorah
NAVE: Gomorrah
EBD: Gomorrah


Dalam versi-versi Alkitab:

rebellious people

an ancient city known for its sin whose ruins are said to be visible from the Masada
a town destroyed with Sodom by burning sulphur
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Strongs #1116: gomorra Gomorrha

Gomorrha = "submersion"

1) a city in eastern part of Judah that was destroyed when the Lord
rained fire and brimstone on it; now covered by the Dead Sea

1116 Gomorrha gom'-or-hrhah

of Hebrew origin (6017); Gomorrha (i.e. Amorah), a place near the Dead Sea: KJV -- Gomorrha.
see HEBREW for 06017


Strongs #06017: hrme `Amorah

Gomorrah = "submersion"

1) the twin-city in evil with Sodom, both destroyed in judgment by
God with fire from heaven
1a) of iniquity (fig.)

6017 `Amorah am-o-raw'

from 6014; a (ruined) heap; Amorah, a place in Palestine: KJV -- Gomorrah.
see HEBREW for 06014

Gomorrah [nave]

One of the "cities of the plain,'' Gen. 10:19; 13:10.
Its king defeated by Chedorlaomer, Gen. 14:2, 8-11.
Wickedness of, Gen. 18:20.
Destroyed, Gen. 19:24-28; Deut. 29:23; 32:32; Isa. 1:9, 10; 13:19; Jer. 23:14; 49:18; 50:40; Amos 4:11; Zeph. 2:9; Matt. 10:15; Mark 6:11; Rom. 9:29; 2 Pet. 2:6; Jude 7.

Gomorrah [ebd]

submersion, one of the five cities of the plain of Siddim (q.v.) which were destroyed by fire (Gen. 10:19; 13:10; 19:24, 28). These cities probably stood close together, and were near the northern extremity of what is now the Dead Sea. This city is always mentioned next after Sodom, both of which were types of impiety and wickedness (Gen. 18:20; Rom. 9:29). Their destruction is mentioned as an "ensample unto those that after should live ungodly" (2 Pet. 2:6; Jude 1:4-7). Their wickedness became proverbial (Deut. 32:32; Isa. 1:9, 10; Jer. 23:14). But that wickedness may be exceeded (Matt. 10:15; Mark 6:11). (See DEAD SEA).

GOMORRAH [smith]

(submersion), one of the five "cities of the plain" or "vale of Siddim" that under the irrespective kings joined battle there with Chedorlaomer (Genesis 14:2-8) and his allies by whom they were discomfited till Abraham came to the rescue. Four out of the five were afterwards destroyed by the Lord with fire from heaven. (Genesis 19:23-29) One of them only, Zoar (or Bela; which was its original name), was spared at the request of Lot, in order that he might take refuge there. The geographical position of these cities is discussed under SODOM.


GOMORRAH - go-mor'-a (`amorah; Septuagint and New Testament Gomorra, or Gomorra; Arabic Ghamara, "to overwhelm with water"): One of the CITIES OF THE PLAIN (which see) destroyed by fire from heaven in the time of Abraham and Lot (Gen 19:23-29). It was located probably in the plain South of the Dead Sea, now covered with water. See ARABAH; CITIES OF THE PLAIN; DEAD SEA. De Saulcy, however, with others who place the Cities of the Plain at the North end of the Dead Sea, fixes upon Khumran (or Gumran), marked on the Survey Map of Palestine North of Ras Feshkeh, where there are ruins about a mile from the Dead Sea. But there is nothing to support this view except the faint resemblance of the name and the inconclusive arguments placing the Cities of the Plain at that end of the sea.

George Frederick Wright

Lihat definisi kata "Gomorrah" dalam Studi Kata

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