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Kisah Para Rasul 19

Akhaya : a Roman province located in Greece along the south coast of the Gulf of Corinth
(37° 59´, 23° 44´)

Aleksander : the son of Simon the Cyrenian who was compelled to carry the cross of Jesus,a leading man of Jerusalem when Peter and John were tried there,a man who was converted but who afterwards apostatised

Apolos : a Jewish man from Alexandria who was taught by Aquila and Priscilla

Aristarkhus : a man who accompanied Paul on his third missionary journey

Artemis : a pagan goddess

Asia : A Roman province on the west side of Asia Minor.
(39° 13´, 32° 43´)

Demetrius : a man who was a silversmith in Ephesus and who opposed Paul,a man who was well spoken of by John

dewi Artemis : a pagan goddess

Efesus : a town in western Asia Minor at the mouth of the Cayster River

Erastus : a man who was a friend of Paul

Gayus : a man or men who were involved with the apostles Paul and John

Korintus : a town located on the narrow isthmus connecting the Greek mainland with the Peloponnesus Peninsula to the south
(37° 54´, 22° 52´)

Makedonia : a Roman province north of Greece which included 10 Roman colonies (IBD),citizens of the province of Macedonia
(40° 37´, 22° 55´)

orang Efesus : the inhabitants of Ephesus

Paulus : a man from Tarsus who persecuted the church but became a missionary and writer of 13 Epistles

Roma : the capital city of Italy

Skewa : a Jewish chief priest.

Timotius : a young man of Lystra who travelled with Paul and to whom two epistles were addressed

Tiranus : a man in Ephesus in whose school Paul spoke

Yahudi : the Jewish religion/beliefs
(31° 42´, 35° 12´); (31° 42´, 35° 12´); (32° 44´, 35° 11´); (31° 46´, 35° 14´)

Yehuda : the son of Jacob and Leah; founder of the tribe of Judah,a tribe, the land/country,a son of Joseph; the father of Simeon; an ancestor of Jesus,son of Jacob/Israel and Leah; founder of the tribe of Judah,the tribe of Judah,citizens of the southern kingdom of Judah,citizens of the Persian Province of Judah; the Jews who had returned from Babylonian exile,"house of Judah", a phrase which highlights the political leadership of the tribe of Judah,"king of Judah", a phrase which relates to the southern kingdom of Judah,"kings of Judah", a phrase relating to the southern kingdom of Judah,"princes of Judah", a phrase relating to the kingdom of Judah,the territory allocated to the tribe of Judah, and also the extended territory of the southern kingdom of Judah,the Province of Judah under Persian rule,"hill country of Judah", the relatively cool and green central highlands of the territory of Judah,"the cities of Judah",the language of the Jews; Hebrew,head of a family of Levites who returned from Exile,a Levite who put away his heathen wife,a man who was second in command of Jerusalem; son of Hassenuah of Benjamin,a Levite in charge of the songs of thanksgiving in Nehemiah's time,a leader who helped dedicate Nehemiah's wall,a Levite musician who helped Zechariah of Asaph dedicate Nehemiah's wall
(31° 42´, 35° 12´); (31° 42´, 35° 12´); (32° 44´, 35° 11´); (31° 46´, 35° 14´)

Yerusalem : the capital city of Israel,a town; the capital of Israel near the southern border of Benjamin
(31° 50´, 34° 59´); (31° 46´, 35° 14´)

Yohanes : a son of Zebedee; younger brother of James; the beloved disciple of Christ,a relative of Annas the high priest,a son of Mary the sister of Barnabas, and surnamed Mark,the father of Simon Peter

Yunani : the language used by the people of Greece
(37° 57´, 27° 22´); (37° 59´, 23° 44´)

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