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Ayub 26

Ayub : a man whose story is told in the book of Job,a man from the land of Uz in Edom

dunia maut : the place of the dead

dunia orang mati : the place of the dead

Rahab : a woman inkeeper in Jericho who hid two Hebrew spies; ancester of Boaz and of Jesus,an English name representing two different Hebrew names,as representing the Hebrew name 'Rahab',poetic synonym for Egypt and or the exodus (IBD),the mythical monster of chaos, mainly to do with an unruly sea,as representing the Hebrew name 'Raxab', which has a velar fricative in the middle.,a woman of Jericho; wife of Salmon (Matt. 1:5)
(30° 6´, 31° 20´)

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