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2 Samuel 20:15

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menimbun(TB) <08210> [cast up.]

tanah menjadi tembok(TB)/kubu(TL) <05550> [a bank.]

So LXX. generally render {solelah,} by [proschoma or choma;] which latter is described by Potter as "a mount, which was raised so high as to equal, if not exceed, the top of the besieged walls. The sides were walled in with bricks or stones, or secured with strong rafters; the fore part only, being by degrees to be moved near the walls, remained bare."

tembok dewala merapat(TB)/dewala ........... menumbuklah(TL) <02426 05975> [it stood in the trench. or, it stood against the outmost wall. battered, etc. Heb. marred to throw down.]


di Abel-Bet-Maakha;

1Raj 15:20; 2Raj 15:29 [Semua]

menjadi tembok

Yes 37:33; Yer 6:6; 32:24 [Semua]

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