barbaros <915>

barbarov barbaros

Asal Mula:of uncertain derivation
Referensi:TDNT - 1:546,94
Jenis Kata:adj (adjective)
Dalam Yunani:barbaroi 2, barbaroiv 1, barbarov 3
Dalam TB:orang asing 2, Penduduk 1, orang Barbar 1, kepada orang bukan Yunani 1
Dalam AV:barbarian 5, barbarous 1
Definisi : on bukan-Yunani; kurang beradab, barbar; orang asing; penduduk asli (Kis 28.2,4)
1) one whose speech is rude, rough and harsh
2) one who speaks a foreign or strange language which is not
understood by another
3) used by the Greeks of any foreigner ignorant of the Greek
language, whether mental or moral, with the added notion after
the Persian war, of rudeness and brutality. The word is used
in the N.T. without the idea of reproachfulness.

of uncertain derivation; a foreigner (i.e. non-Greek): KJV -- barbarian(-rous).
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