hades <86>

Adhv hades

Asal Mula:from 1 (as negative particle) and 1492
Referensi:TDNT - 1:146,22
Jenis Kata:n pr loc (noun proper locative)
Dalam Yunani:adh 1, adhn 2, adhv 3, adou 4
Dalam TB:kerajaan maut 4, dunia orang mati 4, alam maut 2
Dalam AV:hell 10, grave 1
Definisi : ou [maskulin] Hades, dunia orang mati; Maut; !!(?) neraka
(kerajaan) maut, Hades
1) name Hades or Pluto, the god of the lower regions
2) Orcus, the nether world, the realm of the dead
3) later use of this word: the grave, death, hell

In Biblical Greek it is associated with Orcus, the infernal regions,
a dark and dismal place in the very depths of the earth, the common
receptacle of disembodied spirits. Usually Hades is just the abode of
the wicked, Lu 16:23; Re 20:13,14; a very uncomfortable place. TDNT.

from 1 (as negative particle) and 1492; properly, unseen, i.e. "Hades" or the place (state) of departed souls: KJV -- grave, hell.
see GREEK for 1
see GREEK for 1492
Ibrani Terkait:-
dlm Alkitab
:alam barzach (SB)
Alam Maut (BIS)
alam maut (TB, TL, ENDE, SB, BABA)
alam-berzach (KL1870)
dinaraka (KL1863)
dunia orang mati (TB, BIS)
dunia orang-orang mati (BIS)
keradjaan maut (ENDE)
kerajaan maut (TB, WBTC)
kuasa maut (WBTC)
lijang tanah (LDKR)
maut (BIS)
Maut (ENDE)
naraka (ENDE, KL1863, KL1870, LDKR)
neraka (BIS, FAYH)
petala maut (ENDE)
tampat orang mati (KL1863)
tempat orang mati (WBTC)
tempat orang-orang mati (WBTC)

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