Archelaos <745>

Arcelaov Archelaos

Asal Mula:from 757 and 2994
Jenis Kata:n pr m (noun pronoun masculine)
Dalam Yunani:arcelaov 1
Dalam TB:Arkhelaus 1
Dalam AV:Archelaus 1
Definisi : ou [maskulin] Arkhelaus (Mat 2.22)
Archelaus = "prince of the people"

1) A son of Herod the Great by Malthace, the Samaritan woman.
He and his brother Antipas were brought up with a certain private
man in Rome. After the death of his father, he ruled as ethnarch
over Judaea, Samaria and Idumaea, (with the exception of the cities
of Gaza, Gadara and Hipo). The Jews and the Samaritans having
accused him at Rome of tyranny, he was banished by the emperor
Augustus to Vienna of the Allobroges and died there.

from 757 and 2994; people-ruling; Archelaus, a Jewish king: KJV -- Archelaus.
see GREEK for 757
see GREEK for 2994
Ibrani Terkait:-
dlm Alkitab
:Archilaoes (KL1870)
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