tetradion <5069>

tetradion tetradion

Asal Mula:from a presumed derivative of tetras (a tetrad, from 5064)
Jenis Kata:n n (noun neuter)
Dalam Yunani:tetradioiv 1
Dalam TB:regu 1
Dalam AV:quaternion 1
Definisi : ou [neuter] pasukan empat prajurit
1) a quaternion

A guard consisting of four soldiers (for among the Romans this was
the usual number of the guard to which the custody of captives and
prisoners was intrusted; two soldiers were confined with the prisoner
and two kept guard outside). Four quaternions of soldiers would be
used to guard one all night, one for each of the four night watches.

neuter of a presumed derivative of tetras (a tetrad; from 5064); a quaternion or squad (picket) of four Roman soldiers: KJV -- quaternion.
see GREEK for 5064
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