homothumadon <3661>

omoyumadon homothumadon

Asal Mula:from a compound of the base of 3674 and 2372
Referensi:TDNT - 5:185,684
Jenis Kata:adv (adverb)
Dalam Yunani:omoyumadon 11
Dalam TB:bersama-sama 2, dengan sehati 2, dengan bulat hati 2, Atas persetujuan bersama 1, persekutuan yang erat 1, satu hati 1, ramai-ramai 1, serentak 1
Dalam AV:with one accord 11, with one mind 1
Definisi : kata keterangan: dengan sehati (ginomenoi o. dengan suara bulat Kis 15.25)
dengan sehati, bersama-sama, serentak
1) with one mind, with one accord, with one passion
A unique Greek word, used 10 of its 12 New Testament occurrences in
the Book of Acts, helps us understand the uniqueness of the Christian
community. Homothumadon is a compound of two words meaning to "rush
along" and "in unison". The image is almost musical; a number of
notes are sounded which, while different, harmonise in pitch and
tone. As the instruments of a great concert under the direction of a
concert master, so the Holy Spirit blends together the lives of
members of Christ's church.

adverb from a compound of the base of 3674 and 2372; unanimously: KJV -- with one accord (mind).
see GREEK for 3674
see GREEK for 2372
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