akris <200>

akriv akris

Asal Mula:apparently from the same as 206
Jenis Kata:n f (noun feminime)
Dalam Yunani:akridav 1, akridev 2, akridwn 1
Dalam TB:belalang 2, belalang-belalang 2
Dalam AV:locust 4
Definisi : idov [feminin] belalang
1) a locust, particularly that species which especially infests
oriental countries, stripping fields and trees. Numberless swarms
of them almost every spring are carried by the wind from Arabia
into Palestine, and having devastated that country, migrate to
regions farther north, until they perish by falling into the sea.
The Orientals accustomed to feed upon locusts, either raw or
roasted and seasoned with salt (or prepared in other ways), and
the Israelites also were permitted to eat them.

apparently from the same as 206; a locust (as pointed, or as lighting on the top of vegetation): KJV -- locust.
see GREEK for 206
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