eleutheros <1658>

eleuyerov eleutheros

Asal Mula:probably from the alternate of 2064
Referensi:TDNT - 2:487,224
Jenis Kata:adj (adjective)
Dalam Yunani:eleuyera 3, eleuyerav 4, eleuyeroi 6, eleuyerouv 1, eleuyerov 8, eleuyerwn 1
Dalam TB:bebas 6, orang merdeka 6, merdeka 4, perempuan yang merdeka 2, perempuan merdeka 2, yang merdeka 1, bebaslah 1
Dalam AV:free 18, free woman 3, at liberty 1, free man 1
Definisi : a, on merdeka, bebas
bebas, merdeka; subst.: orang merdeka
1) freeborn
1a) in a civil sense, one who is not a slave
1b) of one who ceases to be a slave, freed, manumitted
2) free, exempt, unrestrained, not bound by an obligation
3) in an ethical sense: free from the yoke of the Mosaic Law

probably from the alternate of 2064; unrestrained (to go at pleasure), i.e. (as a citizen) not a slave (whether freeborn or manumitted), or (genitive case) exempt (from obligation or liability): KJV -- free (man, woman), at liberty.
see GREEK for 2064
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