Tabowr <08396>

rwbt Tabowr

Asal Mula:from a root corresponding to 08406
Jenis Kata:
Dalam Ibrani:rwbt 7, rwbtb 2, rwbtk 1
Dalam TB:Tabor 10
Dalam AV:Tabor 10
Definisi : Tabor = "mound" n pr mont 1) a mountain in the plain of Esdraelon rising abruptly and insulated except for a narrow ridge on the west connecting it to the hills of Nazareth n pr loc 2) a town around the summit of Mount Tabor (1) 3) a city of the Merarite Levites located in the territory of Zebulun n pr arbour 4) the place of an oak tree which was on the homeward journey of Saul after he had been anointed by Samuel
from a root corresponding to 8406; broken region; Tabor, a mountain in Palestine, also a city adjacent: KJV -- Tabor.
see HEBREW for 08406
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dlm Alkitab
:Tabor (TB, BIS, TL, FAYH)

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