Pashchuwr <06583>

rwxvp Pashchuwr

Asal Mula:probably from 06582
Jenis Kata:n pr m (noun proper masculine)
Dalam Ibrani:rwxsp 13, rwxspw 1
Dalam TB:Pasyhur 14
Dalam AV:Pashur 14
Definisi : Pashur = "freedom" 1) a priest, son of Malchiah and one of the chief princes in the reign of king Zedekiah of Judah 2) a priest, son of Immer, chief governor of the temple, and the one who struck and then put the prophet Jeremiah into the stocks in the reign of king Jehoiakim of Judah 3) son of Malchijah, father of Zechariah, and ancestor of Adaiah who did the work of the temple in the time of Nehemiah. Probably same as 1 4) father of Gedaliah; probably the same as 1 5) head of a family of returned exiles
probably from 6582; liberation; Pashchur, the name of four Israelites: KJV -- Pashur.
see HEBREW for 06582
Yunani Terkait:-
dlm Alkitab
:Pasyhur (TB, BIS, TL, FAYH)

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