Cukkowth <05523>

twko Cukkowth or tko Cukkoth

Pelafalan:sook-kohth' sook-kohth'
Asal Mula:from 05521
Referensi:TWOT - 1492e
Jenis Kata:n pl pr loc (noun plural proper locative)
Dalam Ibrani:twko 12, htko 2, tkom 2, twkow 1, tkob 1
Dalam TB:Sukot 18
Dalam AV:Succoth 18
Definisi : Succoth = "booths" 1) the site where Jacob put up booths for his cattle and built a house for himself; apparently east of the Jordan near the ford of the torrent Jabbok and later allotted to the tribe of Gad 2) the first stopping place of the Israelites when they left Egypt
or Cukkoth {sook-kohth'}; plural of 5521; booths; Succoth, the name of a place in Egypt and of three in Palestine: KJV -- Succoth.
see HEBREW for 05521
Yunani Terkait:-
dlm Alkitab
:Sukot (TB, BIS, TL, FAYH)

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