ma`an <04616>

Nem ma`an

Asal Mula:from 06030
Referensi:TWOT - 1650g
Jenis Kata:subst (substantive)
Dalam Ibrani:Neml 243, Nemlw 17, yneml 6, Mkneml 4, Knemlh 1, Kneml 1
Dalam TB:supaya 140, oleh karena 36, karena 19, maksud 16, untuk 12, sehingga 12, Oleh karena 5, agar 4, Supaya 3, maksudnya 2, dengan maksud 2, Maksudnya 2, demi 2, Maksudnya supaya 1, Sebab 1, dengan itu 1, sebab 1, maka 1, dengan demikian 1, demi kepentinganmukah 1, Untuk 1
Dalam AV:that, for, to, to the end, because of, lest, to the intent
Definisi : 1) purpose, intent prep 1a) for the sake of 1b) in view of, on account of 1c) for the purpose of, to the intent that, in order to conj 1d) to the end that
from 6030; properly, heed, i.e. purpose; used only adverbially, on account of (as a motive or an aim), teleologically, in order that: KJV -- because of, to the end (intent) that, for (to,... 's sake), + lest, that, to.
see HEBREW for 06030
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