Yabesh <03003>

vby Yabesh (also vyby Yabeysh often with the addition of 01568, i.e. Jabesh of Gilad)

Pelafalan:yaw-bashe' yaw-bashe'
Asal Mula:the same as 03002
Jenis Kata:
Dalam Ibrani:syby 14, sby 5, hsbyb 1, sybym 1, hsyby 1, sbyb 1, hsby 1
Dalam TB:Yabesh 12, Yabesh-Gilead 12
Dalam AV:Jabesh 12, Jabeshgilead 12
Definisi : Jabesh = "dry" n pr loc 1) a town in the territory of Gilead; according to Eusebius, it is beyond the Jordan, 6 miles (10 km) from Pella, on the mountain road to Gerasa; site unknown but may be modern 'Wadi Yabes' n pr m 2) father of Shallum, the 15th king of the northern kingdom
the same as 3002 (also Yabeysh {yaw-bashe'}; often with the addition of 1568, i.e. Jabesh of Gilad); Jobesh, the name of an Israelite and of a place in Palestine: KJV -- Jobesh ((-Gilead)).
see HEBREW for 03002
see HEBREW for 01568
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