Hor <02023>

rh Hor

Asal Mula:another form of 02022
Jenis Kata:n pr loc (noun proper locative)
Dalam Ibrani:rh 5, rhb 4, rhm 3
Dalam TB:Hor 12
Dalam AV:Hor 12
Definisi : Hor = "mountain" 1) the mountain on which Aaron died; situated on the eastern side of the valley of Arabah, the highest of the whole range of sandstone mountains in Edom; on the eastern side is the ancient city of Petra 2) the mountain named as one of the marks of the northern boundary of the land which the children of Israel were about to conquer; located in Lebanon
another form of 2022; mountain; Hor, the name of a peak in Idumaea and of one in Syria: KJV -- Hor.
see HEBREW for 02022
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dlm Alkitab
:Hor (TB, BIS, TL, FAYH)

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