Hadad <01908>

ddh Hadad

Asal Mula:probably of foreign origin [compare 0111]
Referensi:TWOT - 471c
Jenis Kata:n pr m (noun proper masculine)
Dalam Ibrani:ddh 10, ddhw 2, dda 1
Dalam TB:Hadad 13
Dalam AV:Hadad 12
Definisi : Hadad = "mighty" 1) son of Ishmael 2) a king of Edom who gained an important victory over the Midianites on the field of Moab 3) another king of Edom, with Pau for his capital 4) a member of the royal house of Edom who escaped the massacre under Joab and fled with a band of followers into Egypt; after David's death, he returned to his own country
probably of foreign origin (compare 111); Hadad, the name of an idol, and of several kings of Edom: KJV -- Hadad.
see HEBREW for 0111
Yunani Terkait:-
dlm Alkitab
:Hadad (TB, BIS, TL, FAYH)
Hadar (TL)

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