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Yohanes 10:40-42


10:40 Jesus 1  went back across the Jordan River 2  again to the place where John 3  had been baptizing at an earlier time, 4  and he stayed there. 10:41 Many 5  came to him and began to say, “John 6  performed 7  no miraculous sign, but everything John said about this man 8  was true!” 10:42 And many believed in Jesus 9  there.

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[10:40]  1 tn Grk “He”; the referent (Jesus) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

[10:40]  2 tn The word “River” is not in the Greek text but is supplied for clarity.

[10:40]  3 sn John refers to John the Baptist.

[10:40]  4 tn Grk “formerly.”

[10:40]  sn This refers to the city of Bethany across the Jordan River (see John 1:28).

[10:41]  5 tn Grk “And many.” Because of the difference between Greek style, which often begins sentences or clauses with “and,” and English style, which generally does not, καί (kai) has not been translated here.

[10:41]  6 sn John refers to John the Baptist.

[10:41]  7 tn Grk “did.”

[10:41]  8 tn Grk “this one.”

[10:42]  9 tn Grk “in him.”

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