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Yesaya 51:1-8

There is Hope for the Future

51:1 “Listen to me, you who pursue godliness, 1 

who seek the Lord!

Look at the rock from which you were chiseled,

at the quarry 2  from which you were dug! 3 

51:2 Look at Abraham, your father,

and Sarah, who gave you birth. 4 

When I summoned him, he was a lone individual, 5 

but I blessed him 6  and gave him numerous descendants. 7 

51:3 Certainly the Lord will console Zion;

he will console all her ruins.

He will make her wilderness like Eden,

her desert like the Garden of the Lord.

Happiness and joy will be restored to 8  her,

thanksgiving and the sound of music.

51:4 Pay attention to me, my people!

Listen to me, my people!

For 9  I will issue a decree, 10 

I will make my justice a light to the nations. 11 

51:5 I am ready to vindicate, 12 

I am ready to deliver, 13 

I will establish justice among the nations. 14 

The coastlands 15  wait patiently for me;

they wait in anticipation for the revelation of my power. 16 

51:6 Look up at the sky!

Look at the earth below!

For the sky will dissipate 17  like smoke,

and the earth will wear out like clothes;

its residents will die like gnats.

But the deliverance I give 18  is permanent;

the vindication I provide 19  will not disappear. 20 

51:7 Listen to me, you who know what is right,

you people who are aware of my law! 21 

Don’t be afraid of the insults of men;

don’t be discouraged because of their abuse!

51:8 For a moth will eat away at them like clothes;

a clothes moth will devour them like wool.

But the vindication I provide 22  will be permanent;

the deliverance I give will last.”

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[51:1]  1 tn Or “righteousness” (KJV, NASB, NIV, NRSV); NAB “justice”; NLT “hope for deliverance.”

[51:1]  2 tn Heb “the excavation of the hole.”

[51:1]  3 sn The “rock” and “quarry” refer here to Abraham and Sarah, the progenitors of the nation.

[51:2]  4 sn Although Abraham and Sarah are distant ancestors of the people the prophet is addressing, they are spoken of as the immediate parents.

[51:2]  5 tn Heb “one”; NLT “was alone”; TEV “was childless.”

[51:2]  6 tn “Bless” may here carry the sense of “endue with potency, reproductive power.” See Gen 1:28.

[51:2]  7 tn Heb “and I made him numerous.”

[51:3]  8 tn Heb “found in” (so NAB, NASB, NIV, NRSV).

[51:4]  9 tn Or “certainly.”

[51:4]  10 tn Heb “instruction [or “a law”] will go out from me.”

[51:4]  11 tn Heb “and my justice for a light to the nations I will cause to rest.”

[51:5]  12 tn Heb “my righteousness [or “vindication”] is near.”

[51:5]  13 tn Heb “my deliverance goes forth.”

[51:5]  14 tn Heb “and my arms will judge [on behalf of] nations.”

[51:5]  15 tn Or “islands” (NIV); TEV “Distant lands.”

[51:5]  16 tn Heb “for my arm” (so NIV, NRSV).

[51:6]  17 tn Heb “will be torn in pieces.” The perfect indicates the certitude of the event, from the Lord’s rhetorical perspective.

[51:6]  18 tn Heb “my deliverance.” The same Hebrew word can also be translated “salvation” (so KJV, NAB, NASB, NIV, NRSV, NLT); cf. CEV “victory.”

[51:6]  19 tn Heb “my righteousness [or “vindication”].”

[51:6]  20 tn Heb “will not be shattered [or “dismayed”].”

[51:7]  21 tn Heb “people (who have) my law in their heart.”

[51:8]  22 tn Heb “my vindication”; many English versions “my righteousness”; NRSV, TEV “my deliverance”; CEV “my victory.”

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