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Yakobus 3:13-18

True Wisdom

3:13 Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct he should show his works done in the gentleness that wisdom brings. 1  3:14 But if you have bitter jealousy and selfishness in your hearts, do not boast and tell lies against the truth. 3:15 Such 2  wisdom does not come 3  from above but is earthly, natural, 4  demonic. 3:16 For where there is jealousy and selfishness, there is disorder and every evil practice. 3:17 But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, accommodating, 5  full of mercy and good fruit, 6  impartial, and not hypocritical. 7  3:18 And the fruit that consists of righteousness 8  is planted 9  in peace among 10  those who make peace.

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[3:13]  1 tn Grk “works in the gentleness of wisdom.”

[3:15]  2 tn Grk “This.”

[3:15]  3 tn Grk “come down”; “descend.”

[3:15]  4 tn Grk “soulish,” which describes life apart from God, characteristic of earthly human life as opposed to what is spiritual. Cf. 1 Cor 2:14; 15:44-46; Jude 19.

[3:17]  5 tn Or “willing to yield,” “open to persuasion.”

[3:17]  6 tn Grk “fruits.” The plural Greek term καρπούς has been translated with the collective singular “fruit.”

[3:17]  7 tn Or “sincere.”

[3:18]  8 tn Grk “the fruit of righteousness,” meaning righteous living as a fruit, as the thing produced.

[3:18]  9 tn Grk “is sown.”

[3:18]  10 tn Or “for,” or possibly “by.”

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