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Yosua 17:7

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Asyer(TB/TL) <0836> [Asher.]

Eusebius says this was a town in his time not far from Neapolis, towards Scythopolis or Bethshan; between which towns it is also placed by the old Jerusalem Itinerary.

Mikhmetat(TB/TL) <04366> [Michmethah.]

Situated, probably, east of Shechem, though its precise situation, as well as that of many others, cannot, at this distance of time, be ascertained. Many of these towns were small, and we may rationally conclude, slightly built; and consequently have perished more than two thousand years ago. It would therefore be useless now to look for such places; though in many instances, their ancient names have been preserved, and their sites identified. Several towns even in England, mentioned by C‘sar and other ancient writers, are no longer discernible; several have changed their names, and not a few their situation.

Sikhem(TB/TL) <07927> [Shechem.]


dari Asyer

Yos 17:10; Yos 19:24,31; 21:6,30; Hak 1:31; 5:17; 6:35; 7:23 [Semua]

ke Mikhmetat

Yos 16:6

timur Sikhem;

Kej 12:6; [Lihat FULL. Kej 12:6]; Yos 21:21; 24:25; Hak 9:1 [Semua]

TIP #16: Tampilan Pasal untuk mengeksplorasi pasal; Tampilan Ayat untuk menganalisa ayat; Multi Ayat/Kutipan untuk menampilkan daftar ayat. [SEMUA]
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