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Yesaya 8:13


8:13 You must recognize the authority of the Lord who commands armies. 1 

He is the one you must respect;

he is the one you must fear. 2 

Yesaya 29:23


29:23 For when they see their children,

whom I will produce among them, 3 

they will honor 4  my name.

They will honor the Holy One of Jacob; 5 

they will respect 6  the God of Israel.

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[8:13]  1 tn Heb “the Lord who commands armies [traditionally, the Lord of hosts], him you must set apart.” The word order is emphatic, with the object being placed first.

[8:13]  2 tn Heb “he is your [object of] fear, he is your [object of] terror.” The roots יָרֵא (yare’) and עָרַץ (’arats) are repeated from v. 12b.

[29:23]  3 tn Heb “for when he sees his children, the work of my hands in his midst.”

[29:23]  4 tn Or “treat as holy” (also in the following line); NASB, NRSV “will sanctify.”

[29:23]  5 sn Holy One of Jacob is similar to the phrase “Holy One of Israel” common throughout Isaiah; see the sn at Isa 1:4.

[29:23]  6 tn Or “fear,” in the sense of “stand in awe of.”

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