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Yesaya 48:12-15


48:12 Listen to me, O Jacob,

Israel, whom I summoned!

I am the one;

I am present at the very beginning

and at the very end. 1 

48:13 Yes, my hand founded the earth;

my right hand spread out the sky.

I summon them;

they stand together.

48:14 All of you, gather together and listen!

Who among them 2  announced these things?

The Lord’s ally 3  will carry out his desire against Babylon;

he will exert his power against the Babylonians. 4 

48:15 I, I have spoken –

yes, I have summoned him;

I lead him and he will succeed. 5 

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[48:12]  1 tn Heb “I [am] he, I [am the] first, also I [am the] last.”

[48:14]  2 sn This probably refers to the idol gods (see v. 5).

[48:14]  3 tn Or “friend,” or “covenant partner.”

[48:14]  sn The Lord’s ally is a reference to Cyrus.

[48:14]  4 tn Heb “and his arm [against] the Babylonians.”

[48:15]  5 tn Heb “and his way will be prosperous.”

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