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Mazmur 57:6


57:6 They have prepared a net to trap me; 1 

I am discouraged. 2 

They have dug a pit for me. 3 

They will fall 4  into it! (Selah)

Mazmur 72:19


72:19 His glorious name deserves praise 5  forevermore!

May his majestic splendor 6  fill the whole earth!

We agree! We agree! 7 

Mazmur 108:4


108:4 For your loyal love extends beyond the sky, 8 

and your faithfulness reaches the clouds.

Mazmur 113:4


113:4 The Lord is exalted over all the nations;

his splendor reaches beyond the sky. 9 

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[57:6]  1 tn Heb “for my feet.”

[57:6]  2 tn Heb “my life bends low.” The Hebrew term נֶפֶשׁ (nefesh) with a pronominal suffix is often equivalent to a pronoun, especially in poetry (see BDB 660 s.v. נֶפֶשׁ 4.a).

[57:6]  3 tn Heb “before me.”

[57:6]  4 tn The perfect form is used rhetorically here to express the psalmist’s certitude. The demise of the enemies is so certain that he can speak of it as already accomplished.

[72:19]  5 tn Heb “[be] blessed.”

[72:19]  6 tn Or “glory.”

[72:19]  7 tn Heb “surely and surely” (אָמֵן וְאָמֵן [’amen vÿamen], i.e., “Amen and amen”). This is probably a congregational response of agreement to the immediately preceding statement about the propriety of praising God.

[108:4]  8 tn Heb “for great upon the sky [or “heavens”] [is] your loyal love.”

[113:4]  9 tn Heb “above the sky [is] his splendor.”

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