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Matius 21:17

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meninggalkan(TB/TL) <2641> [he left.]

Betania(TB)/Baitani(TL) <963> [Bethany.]

Bethany was a village to the east of the mount of Olives, on the road to Jericho; fifteen stadia, (Joh. 11:18) or nearly two miles, as Jerome states, from Jerusalem. This village is now small and poor, and the cultivation of the soil around it is much neglected; but it is a pleasant, romantic spot, shaded by the mount of Olives, and abounding in vines and long grass. It consists of from thirty to forty dwellings inhabited by about 600 Mohammedans, for whose use there is a neat little mosque standing on an eminence. Here they shew the ruins of a sort of castle as the house of Lazarus, and a grotto as his tomb; and the house of Simon the leper, of Mary Magdalene and of Martha, and the identical tree which our Lord cursed, are among the monkish curiosities of the place.


ke Betania

Mat 26:6; Mr 11:1; Luk 24:50; Yoh 11:1,18; 12:1 [Semua]

TIP #32: Gunakan Pencarian Khusus untuk melakukan pencarian Teks Alkitab, Tafsiran/Catatan, Studi Kamus, Ilustrasi, Artikel, Ref. Silang, Leksikon, Pertanyaan-Pertanyaan, Gambar, Himne, Topikal. Anda juga dapat mencari bahan-bahan yang berkaitan dengan ayat-ayat yang anda inginkan melalui pencarian Referensi Ayat. [SEMUA]
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