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Keluaran 9:18

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besok(TB)/esok pagi(TL) <04279> [to-morrow.]

menurunkan hujan(TB)/menurunkan(TL) <04305> [I will cause.]

This must have been a circumstance of all others the most incredible to an Egyptian; for in Egypt there fell no rain, the want of which was supplied by dews, and the overflowing of the Nile. The Egyptians must, therefore, have perceived themselves particularly aimed at in these fearful events, especially as they were very superstitious. There seems likewise a propriety in their being punished by fire and water, as they were guilty of the grossest idolatry towards these elements. Scarcely any thing could have distressed the Egyptians more than the destruction of the flax, as the whole nation wore linen garments. The ruin of their barley was equally fatal, both to their trade and to their private advantage. See Bryant, pp. 108-117.


hujan es

Kel 9:23; Yos 10:11; Mazm 78:47-48; 105:32; 148:8; Yes 30:30; Yeh 38:22; Hag 2:18 [Semua]

sampai sekarang

Kel 9:24; Kel 10:6 [Semua]

TIP #16: Tampilan Pasal untuk mengeksplorasi pasal; Tampilan Ayat untuk menganalisa ayat; Multi Ayat/Kutipan untuk menampilkan daftar ayat. [SEMUA]
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