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Keluaran 7:18

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ikan(TB/TL) <01710> [the fish.]

<04714> [Egyptians.]

"The water of Egypt," says Abb‚ Mascrier, "is so delicious, that one would not wish the heat to be less, or to be delivered from the sensation of thirst. The Turks find it so exquisite, that they excite themselves to drink of it by eating salt." "A person," adds Mr. Harmer, "who never before heard of the deliciousness of the Nile water, and of the large quantities which on that account are drunk of it, will, I am sure, find an energy in those words of Moses to Pharaoh, the Egyptians shall loathe to drink of the water of the river, which he never did before."

[shall loathe.]


berbau busuk;

Yes 19:6

meminum air

Kel 7:21,24; Mazm 78:44 [Semua]

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