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Kejadian 18:4

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basuhlah kakimu .... kakimu(TB)/pembasuh kakimu(TL) <07272 07364> [wash your feet.]

In those ancient times, shoes such as ours, were not in use; and the foot was protected only with sandals or soles, fastened round the foot with straps. It was, therefore, not only necessary from motives of cleanliness, but also a very great refreshment, in so hot a country, to get the feet washed at the end of a day's journey; and this is the first thing that Abraham proposes.

pohon(TB)/kayu(TL) <06086> [tree.]

Rest in the shade was the second requisite for the refreshment of a weary traveller.


basuhlah kakimu

Kej 19:2; 24:32; 43:24; Hak 19:21; 2Sam 11:8; Luk 7:44; [Lihat FULL. Luk 7:44] [Semua]

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