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Ezra 4:7

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Artahsasta .............. Artahsasta(TB)/Artahsasta .................. Artahsasta(TL) <0783> [A.M. 3482. B.C. 522. Artaxerxes.]

This Artaxerxes was one of the Magi, who usurped the throne after the death of Cambyses, for seven months, feigning himself to be Smerdis, brother of Cambyses: he is called Oropoestus by Justin, Smerdis by Herodotus, Mardus by AEschylus, and Sphendatates by Ctesias.

Bislam(TB/TL) <01312> [Bishlam. or, in peace. companions. Heb. societies.]

bahasa ...... bahasa(TB)/huruf Arami ...... bahasa Aramipun(TL) <0762> [the Syrian tongue.]

That is, probably, both the language and character were Syrian or Chaldaic; and therefore, from the 8th verse of this chapter, to ch. 7:27, the original is not Hebrew, but Chaldee, in those parts which consist of letters, decrees, etc., originally written in that language.


zaman Artahsasta

Ezr 7:1; Neh 2:1 [Semua]

bahasa Aram:)

2Raj 18:26; Yes 36:11; Dan 1:4; 2:4 [Semua]

TIP #20: Untuk penyelidikan lebih dalam, silakan baca artikel-artikel terkait melalui Tab Artikel. [SEMUA]
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