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Bilangan 5:19

5:19 Then the priest will put the woman under oath and say to the her, “If no other 1  man has had sexual relations with you, and if you have not gone astray and become defiled while under your husband’s authority, may you be free from this bitter water that brings a curse. 2 

Bilangan 5:28

5:28 But if the woman has not defiled herself, and is clean, then she will be free of ill effects 3  and will be able to bear children.

Bilangan 5:31

5:31 Then the man will be free from iniquity, but that woman will bear the consequences 4  of her iniquity.’” 5 

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[5:19]  1 tn The word “other” is implied, since the woman would not be guilty of having sexual relations with her own husband.

[5:19]  2 sn Although there would be stress involved, a woman who was innocent would have nothing to hide, and would be confident. The wording of the priest’s oath is actually designed to enable the potion to keep her from harm and not produce the physical effects it was designed to do.

[5:28]  3 tn Heb “will be free”; the words “of ill effects” have been supplied as a clarification.

[5:31]  4 sn The text does not say what the consequences are. Presumably the punishment would come from God, and not from those administering the test.

[5:31]  5 tn The word “iniquity” can also mean the guilt for the iniquity as well as the punishment of consequences for the iniquity. These categories of meanings grew up through figurative usage (metonymies). Here the idea is that if she is guilty then she must “bear the consequences.”

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