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Amos 7:4-6


7:4 The sovereign Lord showed me this: I saw 1  the sovereign Lord summoning a shower of fire. 2  It consumed the great deep and devoured the fields.

7:5 I said, “Sovereign Lord, stop!

How can Jacob survive? 3 

He is too weak!” 4 

7:6 The Lord decided not to do this. 5  The sovereign Lord said, “This will not happen either.”

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[7:4]  1 tn Heb “behold” or “look.”

[7:4]  2 tc The Hebrew appears to read, “summoning to contend with fire,” or “summoning fire to contend,” but both are problematic syntactically (H. W. Wolff, Joel and Amos [Hermeneia], 292; S. M. Paul, Amos [Hermeneia], 230-31). Many emend the text to לרבב אשׁ, “(calling) for a shower of fire,” though this interpretation is also problematic (see F. I. Andersen and D. N. Freedman, Amos [AB], 746-47).

[7:5]  3 tn Heb “stand.”

[7:5]  4 tn Heb “small.”

[7:6]  5 tn Or “changed his mind about this.”

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