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2 Korintus 9:7

9:7 Each one of you should give 1  just as he has decided in his heart, 2  not reluctantly 3  or under compulsion, 4  because God loves a cheerful giver.
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[9:7]  1 tn Or “must do.” The words “of you” and “should give” are not in the Greek text, which literally reads, “Each one just as he has decided in his heart.” The missing words are an ellipsis; these or similar phrases must be supplied for the English reader.

[9:7]  2 tn Or “in his mind.”

[9:7]  3 tn Or “not from regret”; Grk “not out of grief.”

[9:7]  4 tn Or “not out of a sense of duty”; Grk “from necessity.”

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