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NAVE: Summer


Summer [nave]

Season of, promised while the earth remains, Gen. 8:22.
Cool rooms for, Judg. 3:20, 24; Amos 3:15.
Fruits of, 2 Sam. 16:1, 2; Isa. 16:9; 28:4; Jer. 40:10, 12; 48:32; Amos 8:1, 2; Mic. 7:1.
Drought of, Psa. 32:4.
Given by God, Psa. 74:17.
The time for labor and harvest, Prov. 6:6-8; 10:5; 30:25; Jer. 8:20.
Snow in, Prov. 26:1.
Threshing in, Dan. 2:35.
Approach of, Matt. 24:32; Mark 13:28; Luke 21:30.
Jer. 8:20.

SUMMER [isbe]

SUMMER - sum'-er (qayits; Aramaic qayiT (Dan 2:35), from quts quT, "to cut off," "to pluck or gather fruit," hence, the time of fruit, summer (2 Sam 16:1,2; Jer 40:10,12); theros (Mt 24:32; Lk 21:30)): The Hebrew verb, mentioned above, occurs in Isa 18:6, "to summer," used of the ravenous birds feeding upon carcasses of the slain. The term "summer parlor" in Jdg 3:20 (compare 3:24) is literally, "upper room," and is so rendered in the Revised Version (British and American). The summer was the dry season extending from April to October when usually no rain falls. Hence, the "drought of summer" (Ps 32:4).


H. Porter

Lihat definisi kata "Summer" dalam Studi Kata

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