Lihat definisi kata "Staff" dalam Studi Kata
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Daftar Isi


STAFF [isbe]

STAFF - staf: Many Hebrew terms are represented by this word. The "staves" of the ark translate the word badh, literally, "a part," hence, branch, bar, etc. (Ex 25:13,14,15,27,28, etc.). Other words, as matteh, maqqel, shebhet, used of the staff in the hand, the shepherd's staff, figuratively, "staff of bread" (matteh, Ezek 4:16; 5:16; 14:13), as indispensable for support of life, are dealt with under ROD (which see). The New Testament word is rhabdos (Mt 10:10 parallel Lk 9:3; Heb 11:21).

See also SCEPTRE.

Lihat definisi kata "Staff" dalam Studi Kata

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